The EMERGE guideline on medicine adherence

Industry Insights


Sprout founders Lina Eliasson and Christina Jackson, and Sarah Clifford who recently launched our US office, have all worked on a fascinating new paper on the International Society for Medication Adherence (ESPACOMP) Medication Adherence Reporting Guideline (EMERGE).

Drug adherence is rarely reported appropriately in clinical trials, affecting both quality and cost. Until recently, there hasn’t been a widely agreed guideline to measure, analyse and report adherence in trials. EMERGE is a tool that may offer a solution. The paper shows that following EMERGE can help drug developers and researchers to better understand how adherence data should be collected, analysed and reported in clinical trial settings, and provides recommendations for improving adherence in trial settings. Ultimately, patients will benefit, so here at Sprout we think it’s a big step in the right direction.

Read the article here.