Strategies for end-stage kidney disease (ESKD) behavioral change program and patient-reported outcome (PRO) measurement

COA Research


The challenge:

To identify key barriers and facilitators related to successful self-management and clinical outcomes for patients with ESKD. We were also tasked with identifying and evaluating questionnaires available for the assessment of PROs in ESKD.

What we did:

  • Worked within the consortium of multi-disciplinary vendors that the pharma sponsor had assembled.
  • Reviewed literature on self-management among adult patients with ESKD throughout the patient journey and identified key behavioral targets and techniques to support positive change.
  • Identified and evaluated PRO questionnaires for measuring concepts relevant to patients with ESKD and their caregivers.

The outcome:

A blueprint was developed to guide a patient support program for patients with ESKD. In addition, a recommended strategy was created for measuring key PROs for ESKD patients within the program, including measurement of health-related quality of life, treatment adherence and shared decision making. The project made it to finalist level for an ‘Excellence in pre-commercialisation communications’ industry award.