Core services

Core services

Research and application of theory

Behavior change advisory board, behavior change evidence assessment and generation, including systematic or narrative literature reviews, primary quantitative or qualitative research and re-analysis of client’s market research, gap analysis of existing materials and programs.

Program/strategy specification

Creating an evidence-based rationale and detailed description of contact points and content for a clinician, patient or caregiver program or strategy.

Smart content

Creating content for clinicians, patients or caregivers that overcomes barriers to behavior through embedded behavior-change techniques. Managing content deployment via clients’ preferred providers or trusted partners. Creating and delivering workshops and education for clinicians and other healthcare stakeholders around changing behavior.



Evaluating the success of programs and strategies and delivering continuous improvement plans. Can include design of formal research protocols, creation of data analysis plans, application to research ethics committees and complex data analysis.



Dissemination via peer-reviewed publications, conference presentations, white papers.