We have two synergistic lines of service that provide effective strategies and solutions to our pharma, biotech and digital health partners.

Sprout Health Outcomes

Provides clinical outcome assessment (COA) expertise and strategy to help industry partners in selection and use of COA endpoints in clinical trials.

Sprout Behaviour Change

Produces targeted education and support interventions that deliver effective solutions for treatment adherence and other health behavior challenges.

Our service lines complement each other to deliver person-centered programs in patient support and drug development.

Expertise in clinical outcomes assessments adds depth to the evaluation of behavior change programs, increasing the chance that they measure the most appropriate outcomes in the right way and improving the likelihood they will be accepted for peer-reviewed publication.

Behavior change methods improve our health outcomes work by informing our understanding of patients, their families and caregivers. This is central to the successful development of PROs and regulatory calls for more patient-focused drug development.