Launching our Three-Pillar Plan for body and mind during the Covid-19 crisis

Industry Insights


The coronavirus crisis has been a shock to us all – and has meant a sudden and dramatic change in the way we live. Many of us are no longer able to follow the routines that keep us healthy, both mentally and physically, such as exercising and socialising. As health behavior change experts, we quickly saw this could have unintended consequences on wellbeing, particularly in older adults. We wanted to provide some simple steps to support health during this unprecedented time.

So we’ve worked with one of our experienced health writers to produce a Three-Pillar Plan to nourish body and mind. It includes simple exercises you can do at home, soothing mindfulness activities, and ideas for ways you can stay connected, even when you’re staying indoors. You can find it here. We hope you find it useful and will share it with others you know. Take care.