Creation of a patient support program and evaluation materials for different audiences and indications

Behavior Change / Smart content


The challenge:

Create content for a global patient support program (PSP) targeted at three audiences: adolescent patients, adult patients and caregivers of child patients, with multiple indications for the same treatment. We were also tasked with developing a method for evaluating the PSP.

What we did:

  • Reviewed and analysed 76 existing local support materials in five languages.
  • Built a rigorous content matrix to tailor behavior change and disease education content across the three different audiences and the multiple indications.
  • Created an engaging, accessible PSP packed with information and evidence-based behavior change techniques to bring positive change in treatment management.
  • Engaged local market stakeholders in content creation throughout the project.
  • Developed a measurement strategy and evaluation plan for key performance indicators (KPIs).

The outcome:

We delivered 81 pieces of behavior change and disease education content in six weeks, meeting the client’s ambitious deadline, along with a detailed map of program specifics, to inform platform build and allow future content to be added. We’ve been contracted to develop the next modules of content for the PSP.




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