An ingenious tool for pharmacists

Industry Insights


At Sprout, we know pharmacists can play a pivotal role in improving medication adherence. That was the inspiration behind Pharminder, a new digital tool from health tech pioneers Artilect in New Zealand, that uses person-centered design principles to extend the pharmacist-patient relationship beyond the pharmacy. We are collaborating with the Artilect team to adapt the system for markets around the world.

Pharminder is a fully integrated pharmacy-based system to improve persistence by sending two-way SMS reminders to patients when their prescription refills are due. But it’s not just a reminder tool. It also enables patients to message pharmacists, facilitating a relationship. Patient engagement has been excellent, with a message response rate of over 50 per cent, and an opt-out rate of just 6 per cent. And the tool is easy for pharmacists to use because it is fully integrated with existing systems and requires no training.

In its initial rollout, the intervention increased persistence by 13 per cent on first refills. Learn why PM360 Magazine profiled Pharminder as one of 10 new solutions to help boost medication adherence.