A new screener for monitoring adherence

Industry Insights


Our co-founder, Christina Jackson, has co-authored a newly published paper with academics at King’s College London, reporting on testing a brief screener to prompt discussions about adherence in routine consultations.

The team worked with 161 people with type 2 diabetes, giving them an eight-item questionnaire to elicit information about issues with medication. Questions included: “I am not sure if the medicine is really helping me” and “I’ve found my own way to use the medicine that suits me”.

‘Healthcare professionals rarely discuss medication adherence in routine care, even though the implications of non-adherence for clinical outcomes and healthcare costs are well known,’ says Christina. ‘And we know patients may be reluctant to disclose non-adherence, even if HCPs ask them directly about it. This type of brief, simple screener has great potential to inform conversations about medications between healthcare professionals and their patients.’

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